Not to worry, I’m not doing anything political, I merely thought it was a funny title.

After Terra: Year 200 is currently in a best novel contest over at, and I need the help of readers like you to vote for it so I can potentially win a snazzy publishing contract. And, if you haven’t had the chance to read Year 200 yet, this will give you the chance to read from a digital copy of the manuscript and see what you’ve been missing out on.

Click the link below to read and vote. Thank you!



Behold, at last, the aforementioned and long overdue 4th edition cover for After Terra: Year 200. My thanks once more go out to Jon Hrubresch for his work on this piece of art. It’s the kind of cover that this book should have had all along, especially in keeping with the general style and vibe of the covers for In the Baron’s Shadow and Lunacy.

Now that this update is complete (and should go live on Amazon within the next 48-72 hours), the next focus for me will be on adding more codices to the site, putting the finishing touches on my next two Youtube videos, and completing more reviews of some interesting indie works that have been sent my way.


Said book signing features, well, me.


It is taking place at The Heights Cafe in Huber Heights, on the first weekend of the Heights Farmers’ Market. So not only will the first three After Terra novels be available for sale and autograph, but there will be some awesome, locally made food and other great merchandise available for your perusal. And if you haven’t been there yet, The Heights Cafe itself is an outstanding eatery with particularly potent coffee and legendary griddlecakes.

Please check out this Spacepage link for more details, including exact hours and the event address.

Thanks! Until next time.