About the site


 A brief overview of this site:

Outside of my blog posts, which are written in my own everyday voice, most of this site is written in the context of existing within the After Terra universe.

For example, the com-net is the equivalent of our internet, or the extranet in Mass Effect. I am using the names of equivalent social media and connectivity platforms from After Terra in place of our contemporary versions.

When the other tabs, such as technology and locations, are filled in with more entries, they will also be within the context of my imagined late 23rd-century future, one in which our home planet no longer exists. Some of the stuff filled in there will be pulled from real life data, some of it will be made up. The point of it all is for fun and to offer a little extra expansion and world-building to those who enjoy the novels. However, at no point do I intend to pull a maneuver such as what many companies do now, that is, to cut content from the main feature in order to drive sales/attention to tie-in material. The After Terra novels are the main events, and I will not cut anything out of them to try to get you to come to my website, or to sell other content that is required in order to understand the main story. What you will see here is all extra, for those of you who like digging into expanded lore and deeper details.

Blog posts in most instances will be made here on Sundays, and when I compose reviews of media, they will typically post on Tuesdays. Other updates will be small, as I fill in the entries at the top of the screen with pretty pictures and hopefully pretty words to go with them.