If the words chaos, junkie, and vagabond had a picture by their entries on the net, that picture would likely be of Jessie. Known as Jessie the Destroyer to her followers on the Spacepages, she is a wild rebel, a racer, a thrill-seeking adventurer who will take whatever work is offered as long as it rewards her with excitement and pay.

Her childhood and early teenage years are conspicuously absent from the net, something not lost on the attention of the Solar Consortium, who officially disapproves of her activities. She is seldom ever seen without her criminal partner, Gunther, and is hardly seen in the same place twice with the same hair colors and holo-tats. With bounties in every territory of the Free Planets, she is reviled by the upper strata and lauded by the common folk. Her skill with weapons and the range of her sexual conquests are already a legend to the Neptuners and denizens of the fringe by the year 200 After Terra.

A job promising loot and a glorious bounty of credits brings her and Gunther out to Gravin’s Base in orbit of Neptune, arriving around the same time as Matt Garrison. Not at all to her liking, her’s and Matt’s paths intertwine, as events at the Base put both of them in a heap of trouble well over their heads.

Images of Jessie rendered using the Terran Common Era interactive software known as Fallout 4, and is considered a reasonable approximation of her actual appearance (most especially as of 200 A.T., during the events of After Terra: Year 200).

Her appearance before and at the beginning of Year 200


Jessie closer to how she appears as of the events in After Terra: Lunacy