Obed Samarah

Former employee at Ellis Industries Inc., who left shortly before the company officially joined the Solar Consortium. Obed is, in his own words on the net, a consummate ladies’ man, a hacker extraordinaire, and a technician with unparalleled understanding of devices both modern and archaic.

How much of this is factual is a debatable matter, depending on who is asked, but it can’t be disputed that Obed was considered one of Ellis’s most proficient technical support employees during his tenure. Also, the exploits of Jessie and her cohort Gunther seemed to only grow in fame and success after Obed joined them sometime during 199 A.T. Wherever Obed goes, he leaves a substantial social media trail, and paranoid net users are known to shore up their passwords, encryption, and backdoors when he is in their territory.

Obed’s family, based out of Saturn, have disavowed any ties to his criminal dealings, often stating their desire that he should have stayed employed with Ellis and become a respectable member of Saturner society. Whenever any such statement has been made public, animated middle fingers have managed to get tagged along with the post, without fail.

As of year 200, he is still suspected to be traveling with Jessie and Gunther on the frigate Akkad.

Obed’s appearance as shown here is an approximation of how he generally appears as of year 200. Rendered with the Common Era simulation, Fallout 4.