Oh hey internet.

Because of positive response, and because there are only 4 copies left of the now out-of-print version of After Terra: Year 200, I am keeping my promotion going until they are all gone.

What is the promotion again, you ask? I’m glad you did.

If you buy a copy of After Terra: In the Baron’s Shadow or After Terra: Lunacy directly from me, you get Year 200 for free. Buy both, and you also get a digital download of After Terra: Beginnings or Slayer’s Keeper for free. Your books will be signed by me, and what’s more, is if you want, your name will be featured here in a sort of Hall of Fame on my website, my Patreon page, and in After Terra: Return of the Gods.

In the Baron’s Shadow and Lunacy are $15 USD when purchased direct from me. I’ll take care of shipping. Drop me a line at coldspringauthor@gmail.com if you’d like to partake of this deal.