The former homeworld of the human race. Terra is no longer a planet, but a fractured memory in the year 200.

Common lore in the Free Planets suggests that no one who crosses the Asteroid Belt, or the Line as it most frequently called, comes back alive, and there is nothing on the com-net to dispute that belief. It is common knowledge that Terra was destroyed two hundred years ago, but no one knows how or why. The few who are curious enough to ask these questions tend to disappear, or their voices are drowned out in the deluge of information on the net.

Telemetry and telescopic observation inform the common citizen that a vast expanse of debris and gasses occupy the orbit of the dead world. It is purported that an enormous quantity of water survived Terra’s destruction, even though much of what once is speculated to have existed likely boiled off when exposed to vacuum. Since no one dares to cross the Line to find out for sure, and with water being in ample supply in the Jupiter and Saturn territories, the resources available in Terra’s orbit remain an idle curiosity at most.

Artifacts from the old homeworld do show up in the System markets from time to time, but with increasing rarity. Treasure hunting for these relics is largely denounced as foolhardy and dangerous, though that hasn’t completely deterred a recalcitrant few from pursuing the endeavor anyway. Terran artifacts are especially a high source of conflict in the fringe, among the Neptune and Logos territories.

Image is an artistic interpretation of Sol’s blue appearance when viewed through a dense portion of Terra’s icy debris field.

(In the present, the image is credited to NASA/JPL-Caltech, circa 2013 C.E.)