Matt Garrison

A wanderer, a hopeless romantic out of place in a future of skewed morality, Matt Garrison is the unintentional catalyst of change in the After Terra saga.

Raised as a cropper in Saturn territory, Matt led a sequestered life until the age of 21, only on occasion ever leaving his home, Crop 151. With an abundant imagination and access to books and knowledge of history the Solar Consortium thought buried, Matt spent his childhood and teenage years dreaming of adventure.

When given an opportunity to acquire a rare Terran gem for his girlfriend and prove his societal worth to her, he sneaks away from home on a transport bound for Neptune. He never suspected at the time that his impulsive, reckless adventure to find an engagement stone, would set in motion an upheaval known through the Solar System as the Year 200 Event.

Matt’s appearance as shown above is approximated using the Terran Common Era post-cataclysmic simulation known as Fallout 4.