Book Review Policy


Update, May 5 2019:

Temporarily, due to extremely and unexpectedly high response to this site’s feature, I am not able to accept new review requests at this time. If I have already responded to you before this update, I will definitely get to reading what you sent, it may merely take some time! I run everything here 100% solo so please understand that this is due to time constraints, not lack of interest. If I am unable to accept your review request now, please check back later, the site may be open to this once again at that time. Thank you.

Book Review Policy

Complete with… caveats.

I have opened up to reviews requested by other writers, especially independent authors. I want to give something back into the independent writing community, a place that is difficult to survive, let alone thrive, in. At the same time this gives me a chance and a good reason to read more, and learn from what others are doing.

In sticking with the general theme of the site and to satisfy my own interest, I am currently only interested in submissions in the science fiction genre. I do read other genres, however this is a new thing for me and I want to keep it focused. I don’t care about the levels of sex/violence/blood&gore/drug use, etc., so trigger warnings aren’t really necessary (unless you’ve written something so obscene it will make me explode like a bad guy in Outland). Just keep it to science fiction.

Please keep in mind that I am offering to review completed works; this is not supposed to be a method by which to get feedback on a “finished” work that in reality is a still a work in progress. If you would like feedback on an unreleased work or would like proofreading done, I do offer these services, though this is not free, unlike my reviews.

On that note, I will not accept payment for reviews, and no offers you make, not even a trip to Risa, will entice me otherwise. You can of course pledge to me on Patreon, buy one of my books, or donate to me directly if you like what I do in general and want to support me, however doing this won’t change my review of your book if you submit a request to me. My thoughts are always going to be honest and constructive as possible, and I try to be insightful about something I’m covering, even if I didn’t think it was the best thing in the history of ever.

Book reviews will receive a blog post here, and I will also leave a review on Amazon if your work is for sale there.

If you see reviews posted by me covering works in other genres, keep in mind that it’s probably because I sought it out of my own volition, or possibly because I know the author in real life and like and want to support what they create. I will still be reviewing works that are traditionally published if I have a personal interest in them and want to talk about it on my site.

Please send requests to and be sure to explicitly state what you are looking for in the subject line (as in a review, or proofreading/editing request).