The most populous and prosperous territory among the Free Planets, the Saturn domain is considered the bastion of modern civilization by the year 200. Its nickname is the “bread basket of the Solar System,” given due to the high number of Crops in orbit, churning out enough food to feed the territory and export the rest for profit.

The croppers favor Saturn due to its ideal combination of manageable radiation and distance from Sol. Jupiter’s intense radiation makes large scale growth of food problematic, and Uranus and Neptune are too cold to produce food at the rate croppers can around Saturn.

Aside from food, Saturn is also the home to Ellis System Industries, Inc., the largest corporation in the System, and most powerful member of the Solar Consortium, the alliance of companies pooling together their resources for human advancement.  Their bases on Titan and in Saturn orbit conduct research on engine technology and weaponry. They are widely regarded as the only real authority of any kind on ion weapons. They also produce and prototype personal devices, the software that runs them, and thus have a massive influence over social media and the com-net in general.

The sixth planet is also a popular source of helium-3 and hydrogen. It is second only to Jupiter in the amount of fuel, oxygen, and water mined from resources on the planet itself or its many satellites.

The capitol of Saturn is Phoenix, the glittering jewel of modern humanity. It functions as a spaceport, ship manufacture and repair facility, a habitat, and a hub of culture and commerce for the whole territory. The spacer mall in the Phoenix promenade draws tourists in from across the System, and often leaves them empty of credits on their way home.

Saturn is also home to Elias Sanders, the man considered most responsible for establishing the new, modern economy, one based on currency and resources. Other noted celebrities in the territory include Rufus Shofeld, a top-ranked Moto racer, Tul Sully, star of the Captain Neutron vid series, and Penelope Ringrunner, who pioneered the design of a new class of mining cruisers that made mineral resource gathering safer than ever in history.

Largely unaffected by any goings on in the Inner System, Saturn remains a steady 9.04 AU from Sol at perihelion, 10.12 AU at aphelion, and typically completes one orbit every 29.4571 Terran Standard years.

Image credit, circa the year 2004 C.E.