Everyone (ostensibly) has one, but no one knows their precise origin. The popular consensus goes that the term “Spacepage” was someone’s idea of a play on words once humans started living in space as a society, taking their social media with them. The story goes on to say that the wordplay was based on a mishmash of several Old Earth media platforms, but what those were is lost to history.

Regardless of social status or territory, having a Spacepage presence is regarded as a necessity only outdone by basic needs such as food, water, and air. The most outspoken defenders of the System-wide media platform claim that it helps keep people sane and connected with the vast distances between them, and creates a comfortable domain of interaction for those uncomfortably cloistered on small ships or outposts.

Spacepage news feeds are replete with pictures, vids, and musings from every human who has access to a device and a net connection. A loose sort of social authority has formed around celebrities, especially Moto racers, who unofficially get to dictate what is trendy on the feeds. These action icons are followed closely in popularity by actors in vid series such as Captain Neutron, who have gone as far as to improvise episodes live on the net when Spacepage interactions seem to be dropping.

Criticisms about Spacepages’ role in the populace’s dehumanization and its feeds tendency to blind the people toward larger, more critical survival issues tend to get drowned as fast as they are posted.