In the fringe of the Outer System, the name Lilith stirs intrigue, fascination, lust, and hushed whispers. No one really knows who the black-haired woman is, where she comes from, or where her allegiances lie. She is seen when she chooses to be, but when she does it is often in surprisingly open and seemingly vulnerable places. Some witnesses have seen her slinking through a dance floor in a flowing dress, while others claim to have seen her in custom-fitted black armor, armed with disc grenades and knives. Consortium representatives who are said to have had contact with her, are to date tight-lipped on providing any insight into who she really is. The only consistency is that when she is spotted, and her name starts circulating in the latest news feeds, some sort of important change is unfolding nearby or has already.

In the less wild territories of Saturn and Jupiter, she has been sighted from time to time, but is considered there to be more a curiosity, one that comes and goes as freely as a sunset.