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Originally from Ohio, Daniel Coldspring is an Earth resident in the Terran Common Era. The author of the After Terra series, Daniel first broke into the creative writing scene with the publication of After Terra: Year 200, after having spent a number years as a blogger for The Uncommon Geek. He has since published two more full-length works in the After Terra science fiction series (In the Baron’s Shadow, Lunacy) and has completed work on a new splatterpunk/horror novel called The Slayer’s Keeper. He has published over a hundred different articles, poems, and works on human interests and media on the http://www.afterterra.com hub site.

Though a lifelong fan of science fiction, literature, and storytelling, the author’s first true foray into creative writing began while studying at Sinclair Community College in Ohio, under tutelage of Bram Stoker award-winning author Tim Waggoner. Spurred by lessons learned here, the author went on to collaborate with varied groups around the Midwestern United States and abroad, including the Antioch Writer’s Workshop, Wordsworth Dayton, and the Ohio chapter of nanowrimo.org. Daniel is a member of the Irish Writer’s Union, and won the National Novel Writing Month challenge in 2016 and 2017.

Daniel’s journey through life has given him a breadth of experience in writing and editing, both creatively and professionally. An interest in storytelling across all mediums– through painting, video games, movies, books, music, to name but a few–has manifested in his work and provided him a keen understanding of how to approach editing and proofreading in a constructive way. Additionally, he has provided professional proofreading and editing services to other authors as well as to other professionals during the past decade. Experience from working in the financial industry expanded on his business communication skills, as well as providing a wealth of knowledge on lending, investing, and the automobile sales industry.

A chagrin against the corruption of the corporate world laid the groundwork for the irreverent, contrarian adventures in the After Terra series. In the pursuit of the love of his life, Helena B. Scott, and a lifelong burning for adventure and romance, Daniel has chosen to puts his roots down in Ireland, the haven for artists and scholars for time immemorial and is a member of the Irish Writers Union. As they are both authors, Daniel and Helena are writing their own book of their new life together. One of Daniel’s poems, Ethereal Reverie, is featured in Helena’s work of historical revisionism and psychical research, written as a classic Gothic novel, Loftus: The Hall of Dreams. It is a work of research on immortal love and the depths of the human spirit, which aims to reveal the mysteries of the Otherworld and ancient secrets buried by the veil of history, as well as the untold story of one of the most active paranormal sites in Ireland.

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