Although I partially explained the story behind part of my online username, in my first post about “The Matrix” on The Uncommon Geek, I didn’t elaborate on the “Ethereal” half of it.

Ethereal is a reference to Ethereal Downfall, the name of my solo music project. I call it progressive metal, in the vein of bands like Opeth, Disillusion, and Enslaved, though I don’t pretend to be anywhere near as talented as any of those artists. I recorded, in a hurry, instrumental demos for this project years ago, and they are still uploaded on the Myspace site, under

One of my deeply rooted personal goals for 2014 is to go into a proper studio and record my first Downfall EP, with three of my oldest tracks. It is something I have been wanting to do for years, but have been sidetracked by lack of time and most especially, lack of funding. I hope to rectify that soon.

Ethereal Downfall is a glorified way of saying, the fall of heaven. It is a representation of my struggle to overcome religious upbringing and conditioning, and is also an expression of my personal angst.

So there you have it.


For those of you who are reading my personal blog, I thank you for your interest. I am currently working on fixing the fonts, formats, and other aspects of this page, so that it looks a little more clean and professional. I have had some difficulty in making changes, and some links haven’t been working correctly when I initially publish my personal posts. Please excuse any irregularities you may see in this post and what follows.


Okay, so maybe aggrandizement is not quite what I’m doing, but in your first post you are supposed to “sell” yourself right? I mean, you wouldn’t stop here to read about me just saying “hi,” right? Because, who am I? I am just some dude sitting in front of a computer screen. There are lots of dudes sitting in front of computer screens. Most of them probably aren’t even wearing pants. Am I wearing pants? Maybe…

I have actually been posting for The Uncommon Geek site for several months now. I recently posted my 25th article over there, in fact. You should go check it out, and stuff. I used to have my own personal blog on another site back in 2012, but allowed depression and writer’s block to snuff out my efforts. So, here I am again, putting my brainwaves out there, seeing if other people are interested in what I have to say. Or maybe I can at least entertain your brain.

So, hello again, internet. Welcome to my dark and weird corner of the universe.