Buy one get one free? Here’s where to sign

But wait, there’s more!

To help celebrate the launch of Slayer’s Keeper, I am running a month-long promotion that includes my entire current published archive. This promotion is a way for me to give something back, but also, upkeep on the website and financial difficulties during the COVID lockdown are concerns I must address. This means that any support you can offer will allow me to keep writing and offering what I do on this site now and in the future.

For all of June, any of you who purchase a copy of either After Terra: In the Baron’s Shadow or After Terra: Lunacy, will receive a copy of After Terra: Year 200 for free. All books will be signed and personalized by me, and the Year 200 copies will be the edition pictured above, which is no longer in print and is now something of a collector’s item amongst my works. If you buy both ItBS and Lunacy, I will also present you a free digital copy of either After Terra: Beginnings or Slayer’s Keeper!

If you’re interested in taking advantage of this please leave a comment below on this post or e-mail me at! Thank you all so much for reading this and for any support you can offer!


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