A new novel release: Slayer’s Keeper

Any of my keener eyed followers will know I’ve made references to the Slayer’s Keeper project off and on since its inception in 2017. Now the finished work is available to the wide world, starting over at Amazon and found at the link below this blog! As of this post only the ebook is available but the paperback will be live for purchase within approximately 24-48 hours.

I am normally not one who believes in trigger warnings or the like, as I believe readers ought to take a certain measure of responsibility in feeling out what kind of work they are getting into before committing to a read. However, I realize that almost all of the following I have been fortunate enough to accumulate up to this point is due to After Terra, so with that in mind I do want to offer a notice.

Slayer’s Keeper is definitely unlike any other work I have put out into the world up to this point. It is considerably more violent and sexually charged. As it is what I consider to be splatterpunk action/horror, there are instances of incredible cruelty and depravity within the pages. I’m not going to say that I’ve gone as far as noteworthy horror authors such as, say, Clive Barker, but this new novel is far darker and more twisted than most anything you might be familiar with from my science fiction.

Also, those of you who are involved in the video game world might take note of the parallel between my work and the two newest games in the DOOM franchise, most particularly with the main protagonists. It is true that Slayer’s Keeper did start off as a sort of prototype DOOM fan fic, where I played with the notion of how someone like the Doomguy would fight the classic cardinal sins in an almost Dante’s Inferno way. But before I even finished the first chapter it took on a life of its own, then it blossomed into a new universe for me to play in. The main thing that readers will still be able to link to DOOM is the name Slayer itself. However, in DOOM, Doom Slayer is a title hoisted upon the main character, one of several. In the narratives of DOOM(2016) and Eternal, he is called the Doom Slayer, the Slayer, Doomguyand the Doom Marine, with approximately equal relevance. In my work, Slayer is not a title but the proper name of our main character, one that he is charged to go by because the memory of his former identity has been expunged from his soul. It is part of his mark, of ownership by his Keeper.

I hope those of you who enjoy the splatterpunk and horror genres will be entertained and engaged with my latest work, and I appreciate all of you who follow and support me. I know my online activity has very much been a roller coaster, but my life in general has seen a tremendous positive upswing, and once I get the snowball rolling again I will be offering a lot of content and interaction for you readers to make up for lost time!



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