It’s a major award!

You need mind powers…

Okay, so I didn’t really win a leg lamp like the Old Man, but I did have one of my short stories, Last Sunset on Planet Earth, win 3rd place in a creative writing contest sponsored by a college local to me. To be recognized by my mentors and peers for my work, and to have stood out from what I’m sure were many excellent entries, is an honor. I’ll have more details to share with you all once I know how the story will be circulated and how far when it is printed, and what fun activities I’ll be able to partake in with the other award winners once the quarantine situation is behind us.

In other short story news, I am still working on the next set of After Terra short stories for Beginnings: Volume Two, and am crafting a new original tale set in a new universe that promises to make the most out of its estimated 5000 word runtime.

Until next time.


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