Hindsight will probably be the year 2020

What a year it has already been

Myself included, I think seldom few of us imagined this year (or any other for that matter) being one that involves quarantines, mass layoffs and shutdowns of businesses, and general hysterics. Okay, maybe the last one is seen every year in the United States on Black Friday, but the point stands.

My life was less affected than many others due to my location and because my work is considered essential by the standards of the current crisis. I mean that neither as a complaint nor boast, merely as a statement of fact. I say that to set up that I fell into the easy trap of putting my nose to the grindstone, working hard and ignoring any form of socializing, to the point where my daily habit became nothing but work and ignoring the world. That’s okay as far as being safe and for being an introvert who was never much of a partier anyway, but I allowed the attitude to affect my writing productivity. I have¬†had the time to write but I made the mistake of letting it get kicked aside while I did nothing but work or indulge in activity meant to allow me to recuperate from work.

My writing this post is an effort to get back into positive, productive creative habits. I realize now that the whole social distancing directive is an opportunity to engage remotely with those enduring the quarantine, and to explore new ways to both generate income and share creations, ways that can survive even crises such as what we now face.

So for me personally, and us as a civilization, 2020 may end up yielding us the best hindsight of any year yet.


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