An Open Letter to CBS and the Creative Controllers of Star Trek

You know, it might have always been a pipe dream, but ever since I started writing as a kid, I always harbored a wish to one day write a Star Trek novel in an official capacity. I state that because I know that my chances of that happening are about to diminish greatly because of what I am about to say, but it must be said.

Star Trek: Picard is a travesty, the latest in a long line of them starting from the year 2009. I’m tired of taking it. CBS, I want you to stop. We don’t need new Star Trek at all if this is the kind of trash that is going to be produced. I have long had great respect for Sir Patrick Stewart as well but that respect has been eroded by this project.

New Trek is a giant “fuck you” to fans and to anyone who might have had an inkling to glean a sense of hope and inspiration for the future from watching these films and shows. Sure, everything that was made before 2009 still exists and isn’t going anywhere, but the franchise as a whole is being butchered, diluted, and confused for the present generation and others to come. How is anyone supposed to watch Picard and have any inspiration that we as human beings can someday rise above our petty squabbles and create a better future? No. The current showrunners would have you believe that all of our current problems will still follow us out into space, and that the idea of a post-scarcity utopian society where everyone is equal and free, was a naive illusion maintained by the elite few since the days of Captain Kirk.


The powers-that-be behind Trek now believe that political and social commentary should not be smart, thought-provoking, as neutral as possible, show all sides of an argument, and make sense within an established universe. Instead, they think Star Trek gives them a license to endorse ultra-feminism and extreme leftist politics at the expense of male characters and storytelling sense, and to turn one of the greatest examples of future human human potential, that is, the United Federation of Planets, into a future version of how they see the United States with its current administration. They reduced the Romulan Empire into a thinly-veiled stand-in for immigrants who look to the United States for help. In theory, that last bit could have for something interesting (aside from the fact that CBS refuses to get away from Bad Robot/J.J. Abrams’s insipid Romulan supernova concept), but turning the UFP and by extension Starfleet into a bunch of fascist xenophobes is a ridiculous insult and a petty, pathetic attempt at sticking conservative viewers in the ribs.

New Tredoesn’t celebrate or even entertain the notion of science, rather it subverts it and ridicules it. This is no longer the show that inspired an entire generation of people to become engineers and scientists and to find jobs working for NASA. This is now a show that devalues life, characters, and good storytelling in favor of being “woke” and satisfying the ADHD crowd who can’t watch anything without explosions, lens flares, shaky cam, and a high body count. Hell, After Terra is pretty damn violent at times, but it’s supposed to show a corporate dystopia/wild west in space that is attempting to crawl its way back up to a higher ideal. That was never Star Trek. Even Trek’s fictional World War III never took things to the extent of destroying Earth completely—as in the After Terra-verse—and served as a launch point for humanity getting its act together and squashing the problems that plague our civilization.

What finally set me off enough to write this article, and what will lead to my first Youtube video in a while, is the treatment of Seven of Nine. I haven’t talked about her much on this site since much of my Trek articles have been based in the Original Series era, but, she is my favorite heroine not only in Trek, but in all fiction. Voyager was an interesting show but Jeri Ryan’s Seven breathed new life into it. Although her character would eventually fall prey to the writers having her repeat the same lessons over and again, her growth and discovery is still amazing to watch, and Jeri Ryan showed amazing range in the episodes where Seven gets chances to break out of her typical stoic persona. But more than this I’ve always admired her intelligence, determination, and her incredibly hilarious way of saying the things I wish I could about observing human behavior and social customs, and so pointedly at that.

Now, she’s a broken vigilante who goes on murderous rampages and has no respect for anyone.

Thanks a lot, CBS, thanks a lot, Alex Kurtzman and cronies. You fucking suck. It is one of my fondest wishes that the lot of you as well as Bad Robot and Abrams never create another Star Trek property ever again and that you leave everything else in the franchise well alone. Shame, shame, and absolute shame on you for your conduct in stewardship of this franchise.


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