Rant mode engaged: Get your social justice out of my media


This is both an unplanned post, and it is the type I used to make back when this blog was just that, and had nothing to do with After Terra. I try to keep a wall between my politics, my beliefs, and my fiction. As you know I have also tried to keep a firmer separation between my personal and author lives. Throughout After Terra and other stories I’ve written such as Slayer’s Keeper, there are a wide variety of ideas expressed about how things should be done, what is right and wrong, what is virtuous and what is vice. It would be a mistake to assume that any one character in any of my fiction wholly represents my personal beliefs. None of them do; at most some come a decent part of the way. But… I have reached a point where I can no longer constrain my opinion on the state of something happening to the medium of storytelling across all formats. If in expressing that opinion on my own website means you, the reader, must have your perception of who I, the author, really am, and if unfortunately that perception changes for the worse, it is regrettable, but at least I’m being honest.

This incessant social justice crusade needs to stop. It has lost all sight of its original purpose and become a virus that infects everything it touches in our culture with a pervasive, toxic hatred and a rampant intolerance of anything that remotely resembles insensitivity or political incorrectness. The SJW riptide has swallowed up what used to be legitimate causes and hijacked the momentum of real progressiveness in order to propagate its self-perpetuating hatred of everything masculine, caucasian, heterosexual, capitalist, Western, and, most especially, let’s face it, strong and independent.

The worst offense is in media, my playground, the world of stories. This is where I used to be able to go to escape from the perpetual shitshow that is reality, and now I am seeing the infection spreading across everything I cherish, games, movies, books, you name it, all eager to tell me of what issues I’m supposed to care about and why I’m automatically wrong because of what’s between my legs. Star Wars was turned by a man-hating activist, writers who don’t even understand the most basic principles of storytelling and character development, and a bunch of greased-palm yes men into Social Justice Wars. The Last Jedi to this day is the worst experience I have ever had in a cinema, exceeding even that time that I think I hurled during a viewing of Batman Returns as a wee lad. The legendary, noble, and heroic Luke Skywalker was emasculated, humiliated, and assassinated by spiteful hacks who claim to be writers, all for the sake of showing off their prized Mary Sue of a character and say they’re being progressive. Oh, and to say that all men are bumbling idiots and should shut up and listen to whatever the women around them say.

There are a great many other examples, but the latest offender is the James Bond franchise. What a trainwreck. You do realize that hiring an African-descended actress just for the sensation of being able to say that “007 is now a black woman” is tokenism, right? Good thing they hired someone who has proven to be good at displaying toxic femininity on screen, I guess. That said, the powers that be behind that decision are being racist and sexist as hell with this move—regardless of the technicality that she is taking over the codename only—knowing full well that the overwhelming public perception to the change is going to be that “Bond has been turned into a black woman.” Using someone’s ethnicity and gender for sensation, commercial gain, for virtue signalling and some congratulatory high-fiving at bringing down the ostensibly outdated, sexist dinosaur that is Bond? Guess what, that’s super racist, sexist, and disgusting. I guess we’ll forget about the way the franchise had considerably matured in the time since Daniel Craig assumed the role and erase the efforts of all who came before, because, hey, we live in a time now where you shouldn’t give a shit about the wisdom and experiences of your elders, your feelings are more important than the facts, and no one is allowed to be offended, because then they couldn’t check in safe on social media from the relentless onslaught of the patriarchy. This isn’t a victory for social justice, it’s exploitation and scarcely veiled, mean-spirited revenge.

Whatever. I plan to have a much longer post that covers this and more on Friday, getting into how SJWs, virtue signalling, the radical rebellion against everything, and victim culture almost destroyed my life, and how it’s all eroding our stories and our culture.

If by this point you think I’m some kind of hypermasculine monster who hates everything that isn’t like me, I don’t know what to tell you other than you’re as wrong as the sun is bright. I don’t need to justify myself to anyone. I know what’s in my heart, and the people who know me in reality know my character and my quality. If you have read even a few chapters of After Terra, you also know I love my kickass women and I love writing my stories in a world where the genders are on the same playing field, and racism, homophobia, and sexual prudishness are forgotten concepts. But, you shiny progressive champion you, guess what? In a truly diverse world, we embrace the feminine and the masculine. The extrovert and the introvert. The gay and the straight, the black and the white, and everything between all the extremes. I still believe in IDIC. But I’ll be damned if I’m going to stand idly by and quietly eat the shit pies that Hollywood and the entertainment industries are asking me and everyone else to consume. Thank the universe that some folks out there still have the temerity to make movies like John WickBlade Runner 2049, and video games like DOOM Eternal.

That’s all I have the stomach for today. Until next time internet.


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