I assure you, I am quite alive

Though my general level of activity on the internet sometimes suggests otherwise.

I had a cold. It’s not a big deal really, and hardly a thing compared to influenza or other common but generally nastier diseases. But this cold knackered me just enough to throw me off of my usual writing and reading rhythms. While also needing to maintain more than one day job, I had to let some of my juggled plates temporarily fall, and this blog had to be one of them whilst I recovered.

The downtime did give me some time to brainstorm and think about my writing schedule. It helped me realize that I’ve been trying to keep a schedule that was based around an old job I haven’t worked for a year now, as well as a different lifestyle built upon different priorities. I am a different sort of fellow now, with more figured out, as it were. This is all good. But I do have to admit that the writing schedule isn’t working. It must adapt to the changes or wither away.

When I write reviews for media, these will still publish on Tuesdays as per my tradition, in keeping with Tuesday being the typical release day for new movies, games, and such. However, my blog posts will no longer have a target of publication on Sundays (not that I was doing the best job of hitting this anyway). Blog posts such as this one will be made on Freyja’s Days (Fridays), and when I have new Youtube content, those vids will go live on Thor’s Days (Thursdays).

My temporary illness and general adjusting to a wildly different work schedule have slowed down my plans to expand on the site’s functionality, content, and general coolness, but these exciting new changes have not been stopped, merely delayed. There is also of course the continued work on After Terra 4. And for those of you who sent me books to review, you have not been forgotten, and your work will get highlighted here if I agreed to review it, just please bear with me. “Time is always against us,” as Morpheus said.

Until next week,


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