Updates to the site, April 9 2019

Unlike the last several updates, this one has not drastically updated the way the site looks and functions. You may have already seen the slick new logo inserted into the site’s main banner (thanks to Jon Hrubesch for rendering it). There have been some subtle tweaks to the links in the main menu and sidebar further down. I have slowly been adding new codex entries. That particular aspect of the site is still in what we might call the alpha stage; there are still many more entries to come, but also, I am working on ways to make this more engaging and interactive. Your only clue is that I am taking a cue from Mass Effect on this part. More to come.

Under the “com-net” main menu header, there is now a link for “vids.” This will take you directly to my new Youtube channel. As of this second there is nothing there directly pertaining to After Terra, but that will change shortly. My channel will have three distinct foci: music, gaming, and writing. Even if one doesn’t appeal to you necessarily, the others may, so there will be a lot to offer. The music and writing aspects in particular will tie back in with this site and the After Terra novels in exciting ways, that I am anxious to reveal and roll out in the coming months.

If you prefer, you can also go directly to one of my new videos with this link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC67CEgVyfVU14JD6mFATz4w?view_as=subscriber

Also under the com-net, there is an entry for “support the author.” This has links directing you to either support me through a Paypal donation, or becoming a donor on Patreon. Any and all support is appreciated, though thanks to that platform’s features, I will be able to give shout outs and special perks to those who support me via Patreon.

Thank you to all who read my work and have supported me thus far.

This is but the beginning of great things to come. Until next time.


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