The Novels

About the series:

Year 200


A world lost. Love and hope all but extinguished by an elitist corporate alliance. An accidental chance to redeem humanity for its mistakes. This is the Year 200, After Terra.

Praise for Year 200:

“…a wild adventure across the reaches of space… unlike so many of today’s movies in which characterization takes a back seat… Daniel Coldspring’s story focuses on character.”

“This book is a slim, fast-paced read. There is also a strong rebellious spirit to it that would appeal to your inner contrarian.”

“Been reading sci fi for sixty years and it’s been a long time since I enjoyed one as much as this one.”

“Smart, funny, satiric Sci-Fi with refreshingly strong female characters!”

In the Baron’s Shadow


A world of blood and iron. A secret from a destroyed planet. Enemies around and within, for one man who is trying to bring humankind back from the brink of losing its soul. In the wake of the Year 200 Event, this is life After Terra, In the Baron’s Shadow.

Praise for In the Baron’s Shadow:

“…there are some great cinematic moments within these pages, and it rarely drags. Even if you’re not a huge science fiction reader, there’s still a good chance you’ll enjoy this ride.”



An escalation of loss and madness. The bright lure of hidden knowledge from Terra’s former satellite. A resurgent past is on a collision course for the future, and Matt Garrison is caught dead center in all of it. This is a time of Lunacy, After Terra.

Praise for Lunacy:

“It is as gripping as it is blunt, a tale of misfortune, of adventure, of love. The cover alone should tell you enough… the galactic conflict is rising.”

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