Salute to the Uncommon Geek

Live long, and prosper.

This post is something of a bittersweet event for me. The Uncommon Geek is returning to the internet with an updated podcast and distribution channel soon, which is news that made me glad. However, as someone who used to write for them semi-regularly, there is an odd feeling of lament about not being an active participant in the journey.

Mr. Uncommon Geek himself is a good man, who gave me a chance to write for his blog when I had no real writing voice, when I was someone who shared his same love of science fiction but had no outlet with which to express it. I can’t suitably express now how grateful I am to him for the opportunity to have written articles, co-hosted podcasts, and created videos for the site. It was a learning experience for sure. Mistakes were made. I looked back this morning at some of my old content… I suppose considering what I was working with at the time, it was okay, but, when I read things I created before I really discovered my proper writing voice, I cringe.

However, without that, I might not have gained the knowledge, skills, and experience I needed to carry me through to the completion of my first novel. After Terra exists in this time and place because Mr. Uncommon Geek helped me when I was down, creatively lost. Although he and I ultimately had different life priorities and different directions we wanted to take creatively, hence my departure as a regular co-host, I can’t say thanks enough to him for the time I spent working on the site, learning about the intricacies of our favorite sci-fi series, and figuring out how this whole writing thing works. Creatively, and in my personal life I was not on the same course as anyone else, and I couldn’t devote the time to TUG that I felt it deserved if I was going to be more than the occasional guest.

My fondest well wishes and hopes for success and prosperity go out now to The Uncommon Geek as it returns to regular activity in the internet realm. Through, I will continue to work on review series that I left unfinished on TUG (namely Star Trek: The Original Series), and you may also see reposts of some of my TUG articles or videos show up here from time to time, with better writing and editing than I originally offered.

Check out to see what they have going on! It’s particularly a great visit for those who love both Star Trek and Star Wars, and want to follow along with geeks who think it’s more than okay to like both, as well as to unabashedly embrace their passions.

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