Checking in

This won’t be too long of an article, more of a glorified status update, really. Although the results of the labor are not yet available, there is some cool content in the works behind the scenes here in the studio called my mind. Aside from my two novels in progress, I am working on new Youtube content (my first foray into it since I was active on The Uncommon Geek), and have short stories submitted for publication in some super cool anthologies. Fingers crossed that those go through, eh?

There are some changes happening in my personal life that I will touch on later, when I figure out what is going to become of my work/life balance. At the moment of this writing things are in a strange sort of transitory period, something that I hopefully will be able to look back on as a brief period of weirdness in life in between dark times and the good times that I anticipate are waiting around a nearby corner.

Until next week, internet.

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