Pulse check: what is this blog about, anyway?

Given that I renamed this site after my science fiction series a few months ago, it is a fair question to ask: what is this blog about? It’s fair, because I sometimes ask myself that question.

The best way I can explain it is that it is two things (hence the description): it is of course about After Terra, which is why I made sure links to those novels on Amazon were a prominent, easy to reach feature at the top of the page. I’m no website designer. I set this thing up to be clean, neat, and quick to load, whether on personal computer or a mobile device. It’s not fancy. I don’t have all the links to other resources and author pages working as intended yet. I’ll improve it as I go. Aside from a quick way to get to the books themselves, this will of course be the first destination, a hub, for any updates I have on the After Terra universe and my other creative adventures.

This blog also has one foot in the present, and it is in my other articles that I will talk about, well, almost anything really. I have certainly put my personal life on display, for several reasons: catharsis; to (I hope) help others going through similar problems; to lay bare mistakes I make and the lessons I learn from them. Anyone who hates me or has a reason to throw shade, well, you’re out of luck boyo, because I’ve already put the worst of myself out there. My shortcomings and misadventures are sometimes facepalm or cringe inducing lessons about what not to do, but sometimes they can also be hilarious.

More important than the bad things or lessons learned the painful way, is my exploration and curiosity about the world and how it functions. I also like to talk about music, movies, and video games. It may seem random for me to dart around dropping reviews of albums by obscure Swedish prog metal bands, then post an article about my favorite episode of Star Trek, but hey, this is my site, and it is an extension of my mind, my heart, my interests. If I am confounding, well, I’m not exactly sorry. But if you’re on board for the ride or are at least enjoying yourself on the occasional visit, then that gets you a high five. Or… something.

Stay classy, internet.


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