Pardon my dust

Building… construction complete… wait. Almost.

You may have noticed that the site has changed, in both name and appearance. This will still be my blog site as always, but obviously, it has undergone a rebranding. This website, when fully operational, will be the hub for all of my creative activity, but most especially for my science fiction series of novels, After Terra. I don’t particularly care at this point if this is the “right” approach or not, but I would rather my identity be defined by what I create, not the name on my birth certificate. I believe my brand should be my work, not my name.

I’m not going to pretend to be an expert on website building. I know what makes a good, effective site when I see one, so as time goes on I will do my best to take what works well and implement it here. More than anything I want this place to be simple, streamlined and easy to utilize, so if you come across something odd or can’t find the droids you’re looking for, let me know.

Coming shortly after this is a series of overly delayed blog posts that are demanding to be put to the page.


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