A better kind of time travel

I sent myself three hours into the past.

I love to travel, almost on par with how much I love to write, and this need to travel, adventure and explore is something I have allowed myself to be starved of far too much.

Finally, for a few good reasons, I said frak it, and made the trip out to Seattle to see a friend, as well as a performance by the one and only Les Stroud.

Even though this adventure of mine is taking place during a difficult time for my family, I find that such things make it all the more important to live life to the fullest potential. There is too much world out there for me to see, to allow myself to be utterly consumed by life in a little corner of America called Ohio.

I’ve already found out that the Space Needle is more needle, less space, but it is still pretty sweet. The view was awe-inspiring. I got to see the Rocky Mountains for the first time while flying over, as well as a sneak peak of southern Canada. I’ve been through the Appalachians before and they are beautiful to be sure, but there is a power and a majesty to the great mountain ranges of the American west that pictures can’t capture. You have to see it for yourself.

And, as much as I remain and always shall be a stoic introvert, who can be a total homebody sometimes, I find that I really enjoy being in hotels and airports. I like continental breakfasts, I like seeing the huge varieties of people coming and going from different parts of the world, I like seeing what makes other areas tick. Exploring new cuisines is a not-so-guilty pleasure.

What it all comes down to most is not being afraid to push your boundaries, and to go after what you are passionate about. I spent a good long time telling myself, “yeah, it sure would be nice to go see my friend out west, but…” There will always be a “but” if you give it any power. This trip of mine was frivolous (at least financially), impulsive (gave myself two weeks notice) and somewhat reckless (traveling solo), but was absolutely necessary to my well-being. In this adventure I’ve found a sense of closure for some parts of my life, and opened up new doors for myself in the process. This trip, while still being about all of the other things mentioned, is an adventure that is feeding my soul, it is about confronting fear and procrastination and excuses, it is about finding my real path and meaning in life.

There are still those whom I wish could be with on this journey, both the literal one and the one I take through life. Some are gone permanently. It is for those absent friends, for lost family (in the literal or metaphorical sense), for past loves that failed, that I travel on, to explore the world and everything it means to be human, to say that I will not be bound by the excuses of others to not living the fullest life possible.



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