Blogus Interruptus part two


It used to be that my creative writing kept me from blogging altogether. Now, it is only delaying my posts. That’s an improvement, right?

I spent my Sunday, blog day, finishing my third book. I put on some Epicuros, sat on the floor with this here laptop and wrote my heart out. The third After Terra novel, Lunacy, is now finished, at least the first draft of it. It needs a good amount of editing before I release it to the world, but I already consider it a better story than the first two combined, and am more proud of what I have accomplished with it than any another piece of work in my life thus far.

So yeah… the blog post had to wait. But at least it as for a good reason, not due to a lack of writing altogether.

I’ve heard talk of other writers immediately jumping into new projects right away, which I have done myself, while others still take a decent break from it to recharge. I think I will allow myself a few days at least to ease off from writing as much and focus on reading. The list of books I need to read continues to grow faster than I can check them off the list. The next blog post I plan to write will be a review of one such book I am in the middle of, one that is self-published and I feel deserves as much spotlight as possible. After that it will probably be back to me exploring all the other things in life.



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