Well wishes for the passing of one year into the next.

One could say that I didn’t post at my usual scheduled time today because I was making rather merry last night, if I may borrow a term from old Bob Cratchit. I’m not exactly a very festive person, but the imbibing of certain spirits can make for a distraction from one’s writing, among other things.

This will not be a long post. I feel that I have spent enough time in 2016 waxing philosophical and exploring the depths of what makes me tick, of what drives the struggles and conflicts I experience in life. Time now, I think, to simply wish goodwill, acceptance and happiness upon all who read this post, regardless of your creed, your ethnicity, regardless of the labels you may carry that oft serve only to divide us. I think there no harm in wishing well to my fellow humans at the end of this year 2016, and that 2017 will somehow, someway be better for any and all.

There are many people who may not have a reason to feel merry this day, whether for want of food or clothing or gifts for their children. As bereft of cheer as I may feel, it is important to remember what I do have and to do my best to not take it for granted. Would there be any reminder I leave with my fellow man at the end of this year, it may be to hold fast to what you have, to cherish it, to never live as though what you hold most dear could not someday be gone. May even those of us hardened by the world and its ways, much like Ebenezer Scrooge, find reasons to hope for a better, more charitable tomorrow.


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