Time for me to give back: A giveaway for my first novel


As a character I’m fond of once said: “Nothing cheaper than something free.”

Greetings internet.

This week’s blog post will actually be one of two. This first one is a bit of a departure. It is quite simply a thank you to everyone who has followed me, commented on my posts, liked them, or given me any kind of encouragement over the years. I may not be a prolific author (yet) but every little bit of support anyone has given has meant a great deal to me. I wouldn’t be here writing this today without a certain few folks being in my life at all.

I want my life to be about writing. I feel that this is what I was meant to do. But I also feel it strongly that this should be about the craft, it should be about inspiring people, it should be about exploring ideas and giving people the necessary escape from a reality that is often absurd and disappointing. So in what capacity I can, I want to give back.

Until the end of the year, I am running a free to enter giveaway for my first novel, After Terra: Year 200. All you have to do is follow the URL I will paste below, watch the brief video, and you’re entered. Up to ten people will walk away with a free e-book. If you like it, I do of course hope that you’ll be kind enough to leave honest comments and reviews with your thoughts on the material, and that you’ll consider checking out future works by me.

Thank you everyone!



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