Upcoming changes to the blog


In the distant past, when I wasn’t much of a writer, I would only occasionally blog, whether through here on wordpress or the site I used to have previously.

As my confidence grew and I found myself getting some positive feedback, I played with the idea of making this a daily blog. I was able to keep that up for a time, but because blogging on a daily basis does not sate my passion for creativity, it eventually wavered. Quite frankly I enjoy creative writing too much to steal time from that just to make sure I publish something here everyday.

With the relaunching and rebranding of myself as a writer that will begin next month across all of my platforms, I have also decided to take a look at changing this page. I never really did put much thought into the design and branding of it, to be honest.

When the upcoming changes are made across the board on the various media sites I publish and post on, you will notice less emphasis placed on the “Ethereal Downfall” moniker and more on my own personal brand as an author. This page will continue to feature posts about my musical projects, music reviews and such, but I am more so going to restrict using that label to describe my music project only, while my blogging and writing here on wordpress will be brought in line with my various other channels (facebook, twitter, youtube, etc.).

Along with the cosmetic changes coming, I have also settled on what I think is a nice, balanced schedule for posting, seeing as up until now, even though I have been more active these past two months than the rest of 2016, the actual times of when I post are all over the map. Going forward, new posts will appear from me on this page every Sunday at 11:00 am EST.

Those of you who have liked my posts, subscribed to me by e-mail, and given me feedback by comments, I appreciate you. Now I want to give more back to you than just being that guy who randomly posts then disappears for an unknown amount of time. If you want to read more about the musings, thoughts and explorations of a dark, weird, introverted person, please check back here starting every Sunday, 11:00 am EST, beginning 11/27/2016.

Thank you!



  1. Reading this felt oddly similar to my history and my thoughts on my blooging! All the best with the next stage of your writing. Looking forward to whats to come, Mr. Dark, weird, introverted person =)

      1. Funny enough, I’m the same. But if you let it consume your mind, it will control your life. So a long time ago I decided to surrender to anything which comes my way. Looking back, everything that has happened to us – good or bad – has found its place. You need to trust that everything else will too.

      2. In the state I’m in, trust is in short supply, but I recognize good advice when I see it. Thank you. I suppose given time current events will make more sense.

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