When the dust settles

Collecting myself after an event that rocked my proverbial world.

I’ve made it a point to not redact any posts I’ve made here (other than the poetry/lyrics due to publication issues), even if later on I find that perhaps my opinion on a topic has changed due to new information or gaining a new insight or perspective. I like to show that, hey, it’s okay for an opinion to change based on the above criteria. Our culture is too quick to throw around terms like hypocrite or contradiction. It’s okay to say that maybe you didn’t have all the answers, and that now you have a better understanding of a topic or issue.

All of that being said, I decided to redact the post I made yesterday in regard to the American election. I didn’t do it to censor myself, nor was I necessarily worried about who it might offend. I am no less disturbed or angered by the outcome than I was yesterday. But even if I am upset, there should be a way to express that constructively. When I thought of what I wrote yesterday, it struck me as ultimately not very useful and not something that I can look back on as a positive, constructive example of how to handle a disturbing turn of events. A reactionary post written in the span of twenty minutes may have served as a pressure release at that moment, but I feel it more cathartic, and more useful, to think more deeply on the matter and present an article later on that can promote constructive thought and ways to process the news in a healthier way.

Until that time.


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