We now interrupt this blog for… NaNoWriMo


AKA why my blog posting slowed down again

After finding out the details of National Novel Writing Month, I was intrigued enough to give this a shot. It just happened to coincide with me finishing the near-final draft of my second book, and I figured, hey, why not use November to write a third?

There’s nothing crazy about that, stop giving me that look.

So here I am, writing the third book in my After Terra series, with the goal of finishing the first draft by month’s end. For the purposes of NaNoWriMo, the objective is to hit 50,000 words written by December, averaging 1667 words a day. Right now I’m a little behind pace, but after kicking myself back into gear today I’m hopeful to not only return to that average but defeat it. Creativity begets ambition as approach Winter; at the cost of not being able to blog as much as I normally would like to, I am confident that I will meet the expectation I set for myself when this month is done.

If you are a fellow NaNoWriMo author or are interested in following my exploits in this journey, I can be found under Daniel Craig on nanowrimo.org, working on the title After Terra: Lunacy.



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