Lyrics & Poetry: Ethereal Reverie


Due to a period of time where I thought this blog was going to end, most of my lyrics and poetry were removed. I will be re-posting them here, starting with one of my favorites, Ethereal Reverie.

And I appeared as a curtain

She saw through me

Blind to every part of my form

Why shouldn’t she suffer from the sight of me


With hands of glass

Transparent heart

I reach out

But only ensnare the void


My essence fills the room

Yet she sees only beyond me

A shade of a man

Only worth the chain that I wear


Shackles ring across the windowsill

Reminding me of the ideals of yore

They are all that bind me from my hate

I am but a memory, a ghost

A fragment of a dream

Long since forgotten


She sat within the bile she wrought

Nay, no forgiveness was sought

My only wish now is to sever these ties

A reverie that feeds to me such wonderful lies


I steer my spirit toward the horizon

Long do I, for the sight of mountains, of oceans

Take me away from this haunt

Close off this soul

From further dismay


(copyright of the author, Daniel Coldspring, circa 10-26-2016)

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