Braving the waters of YouTube

A short blurb about my initial ventures into YouTube.

Although I have posted videos and audio content on YouTube before, mostly for The Uncommon Geek, I have recently become brave (or is it foolhardy?) enough to venture there for more personal endeavors, namely, my music and my own written creative works.

Earlier in the week I uploaded a video that marries these two, as I recovered a track in my archive that was originally meant as part of my first EP, which is a short concept album. After having written the first After Terra book, I realized how much this track (originally titled “After”) tied in thematically with my story.

This is but the beginning of my You Tube journey. I am posting a direct link to the video below, as well as a link to find my first After Terra book on Amazon. I hope you enjoy; please comment and subscribe if you want to see more of this in the future.


After Terra: Year 200 on Amazon

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