Go ahead… make my Blog!

A refreshed and re-motivated blogger returns to the fray.

As I mentioned a few posts ago, I have decided to tweak my blogging schedule a bit. I still am a daily writer, but instead of doing personal entries 7 days a week, plus 2 entries weekly for The Uncommon Geek, I am leaving my weekends dedicated solely to the latter.

And, as I alluded to in yesterday’s Uncommon Geek post, “Hero, your health is low,” I was briefly sick last week, and that cut into my writing. I definitely wasn’t coherent enough to sit in front of this here computer and make the words flow forth. While I do occasionally “pre-write” a blog for later posting, typically I just do the whole thing on the spot.

It is pretty amazing how good “normal” feels after you’ve been sick. I always underestimate it. I’ve joked before that I’d be willing to trade in the highest of highs in human sensations, if it meant that I never had to experience any more of the lowest of lows. That would make me more like a machine, of course, but it sure sounds like a good idea when you have a deliriously high fever, and have your face scrunched up near an air conditioning vent to find relief. Fortunately, this time, my illness was fairly brief, and I think it had more to do with stress than a virus or some other infection. I basically just had to “de-tox” my brain of stress, retreating to my mind palace for a couple of days so that I could focus on regenerating myself.

There are some pretty weighty subjects that I am going to be tackling this week, stuff that I have had on my radar to write about for awhile, but have found myself distracted by life, not to mention Skyrim. There will also be more music reviews coming up, as those have been a real joy to write about and explore. And, there is something really exciting coming up very soon for the Ethereal Downfall music project. There will definitely be a post made to commemorate that when it hits.

I suppose that this particular blog entry sounds more like a glorified status update than anything else. I prefer to look at it as the tiny snowball, that eventually starts an avalanche of words that are profound, meaningful, insightful, and hopefully, make some kind of positive contribution to the world.


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  1. Yay Skyrim! I have it thanks to the Steam sale, but I haven’t had the chance to play it yet. But don’t let that interfere with writing!

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