I’ve been Skyrimed

Or: why I haven’t been posting for the last few days.

There comes a time when one must be honest. The honest truth is that, for the last few days I had a whole bunch of ideas for things to write, but the amount of content that I published is zero. Why is that the case? Because I have been playing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on my Xbox 360. I have willingly allowed it to consume my free time, and have enjoyed nearly every moment of it. I haven’t allowed myself to become lost in another world, to escape from this cruel reality, in many months (the last time I did was when I was on the crack that is Borderlands 2).

I know that I am not the only person who likes nothing better than to ditch reality on the side of the road, and become engulfed in an epic fantasy setting. I mean, yes, I still have been going to work and fulfilling obligations that do need to be filled, but other than that… it has been game time! It is, truly, one of the upsides to the single lifestyle that I have been soaking up and taking advantage of.

This month has been the month of the RPG for me, at least, that is what I declared it to be. I wanted to play every RPG in my library that I have not finished yet (or have DLC for that is unfinished as was the case with Skyrim), but I underestimated the powerful hold that an open world game can have on me. And I was extremely impressed with the quality of Dragonborn, an add-on for Skyrim that I had long ago purchased but never actually played until now.

So now that I am in the throes of my Skyriming and am looking to finish, well at least one other RPG this month, I should be getting back to my writing. If you don’t see said posts being published, well… then I am probably Shouting Fus Do Rah at something that is on the edge of a cliff.


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