Humble beginnings in heavy metal

A dark, progressive metal project 7 years in the making, and my own personal musical odyssey, Ethereal Downfall, is finally coming to fruition.

Thanks to the talents, time, and generosity of one of my good friends Andrew Shell (who was interviewed on The Uncommon Geek site, which I write for, check it out), and his tentatively named Scapedoll Studios, I have finally recorded the first of three tracks which is meant for my first Ethereal Downfall EP, called Stoic.

The track is called “Majesty,” and it is a weird, dark, progressive, bordering on black metal track, that I wrote back in 2007. The old tracking demo with just drums and guitar is on my project’s Myspace page, but this latest recording has additional guitar work, bass, some keyboards, and vocals, all performed by me. I didn’t think I would ever develop a strong enough voice to do any kind of vocal work, and I was skeptical of myself even on the day of recording, but I am pleased with the result. I still don’t hold much hope for me ever being able to do clean vocals, but screams and growls, I can hold my own on now.

The initial riffs that became this song, and some of the lyrics, were inspired by the maelstrom which surrounded my first colossal failure in the world of romance. It then morphed into an overall expression of the angst and disgust I was feeling back in 2007. I don’t completely feel the same way now, but I have left the harsh, nasty lyrics intact as a reminder of where I came from. Musically, the track is styled after Opeth’s first two records, Orchid and Morningrise, though I don’t claim to be anywhere near the quality and musicianship of that band. But anyone who has listened to those Opeth records will be able to hear their influence on my musical style. I was also listening to a lot of music from a local Ohio band known as Harlots, and I wrote a small part in “Majesty” that I refer to as the “Harlots section” because it is the closest thing I can think of to describe it. The song is written in E standard, which I no longer use for my newer stuff, and it is, roughly, in the key of A.

If you want to listen to “Majesty” for free, simply check out and click the Majesty 2014 track. I will also e-mail it to any interested parties; I only ask that you do not re-sell it, cover it, or re-mix it without permission.

For music fans and anyone else who has read thus far, I thank you, and you will see more updates about this project, as well as my other goings on in life, soon.


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