Obligatory self-aggrandizement: aka, hello!

Okay, so maybe aggrandizement is not quite what I’m doing, but in your first post you are supposed to “sell” yourself right? I mean, you wouldn’t stop here to read about me just saying “hi,” right? Because, who am I? I am just some dude sitting in front of a computer screen. There are lots of dudes sitting in front of computer screens. Most of them probably aren’t even wearing pants. Am I wearing pants? Maybe…

I have actually been posting for The Uncommon Geek site for several months now. I recently posted my 25th article over there, in fact. You should go check it out, and stuff. I used to have my own personal blog on another site back in 2012, but allowed depression and writer’s block to snuff out my efforts. So, here I am again, putting my brainwaves out there, seeing if other people are interested in what I have to say. Or maybe I can at least entertain your brain.

So, hello again, internet. Welcome to my dark and weird corner of the universe.

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